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Mixed martial arts is that form of sport requires requires mental and physical conditioning of a fighter. It is imperative that it is kept in mind while training to become the MMA fighter. This sport is a full body workout, starting from your legs, arms, and the core. Many sports are good at making your legs strong, some focus on the arms, but here you get to strengthen and condition your complete body. When conditioning yourself for MMA not only the show muscles should be trained but also the go muscles that many sports don’t need you to, but mixed martial arts indeed requires that from you.

Conditioning “go” muscles:

It is very common that if you want to look good, then you will definitely train and build your six packs and biceps. Well for martial arts as it is important it is for you to build them up that we refer to as “show” muscles it is important that “go” muscles that are glutes, hamstrings, back and triceps needed to be built up and worked upon since they are the ones that are going to give you the ultimate strength in your fight.

The “100”:

No, these “the 100” is not the Netflix show we are talking about, here we are talking about the conditioning workout for the MMA fighter. There is a workout designed by the experts that require you to do 100 Push-Ups, 100 Squats, Which is going to be the first subset, then comes the second subset with 100 Fire Hydrants (50 reps for each leg), and 100 Hip Bridges and finally the third subset that is 100 Crunches and 100 Pull-Ups. These are not to be accomplished in one go and on day 1, but you will have to ease into the routine at least at the beginning.

Training for the MMA:

For starters, you will have to complete one full circuit for each exercises as mentioned above. Then just take a minute of break and do each of the subsets separately, then make a super subset of three and three exercises. Once you are done with that the third step to do is complete the routine. At first, it will be little longer and hard even if you have been going to the gym and taking care of fitness and doing these same exercises. But no one ever said being an MMA fighter was an easy sport.

The goal is to train your body for the most mental and physical endurance possible because MMA is not just the sport to help you get better in body workout and win for the tournament but what you learn here stays with you for the rest of your life. If you are interested in learning more about the metabolic conditioning for MMA, you can visit us at the Norwich MMA center, and we will be happy to help you out with learning and understanding mixed martial arts in its full entirety. This is the sport is the best workout than any other sport.

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