Mixed Martial Arts Training Methods

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Mixed martial arts as the name indicates, is the combination of various martial arts and incorporating the techniques into one’s range of fighting proficiency. For this competitive sport, physical and mental stability is very much essential. There are some popular methods in mixed martial arts training. They are strength training, cardio, circuit training and sparring and practice.

Strength training can be done with or without weights. They include squats, bench presses, rope climbs, box jumps, lunges and dead lifts, etc. The main aim objective of the MMA strength training is to increase the strength of the large muscle groups to enhance the fighting performance. The strength training in MMA should be done thrice a week and should be cut back to two days per week when the date of fight is nearer. Sometimes cardio is combined with strength training for best results. It is beneficial for an MMA fighter to practice striking methods on bags and pads for cardio training. This type of cardio training is considered better when compared to aerobic activities such as running or cycling. Strength training program will vary to individuals depending on the strengths and weakness of the fighter and also the strength and weaknesses of the opponent.

An MMS fighter is needed to be strong and should be in excellent cardiovascular shape. Circuit training involves a sequence of exercises with a little rest between the each set of exercises. The exercises that are best suited for MMA circuit training are ground and pound, duck walks, wheel barrow, burpees, V sits, etc. In the ground and pound method, fighter practices by throwing number of strokes the punch bag, which is on the floor in an assured time. This is an effective method to finish off the opponent by throwing him onto the mat and delivering punches to his upper body and chest.

Hand wraps or bag mitts are advised to be used to protect the hands during this exercise. To develop leg strength balance and also to have low centre of gravity, duck walk exercises are used. The wheel barrow, along with general cardiovascular conditioning, provides strong core and powerful arm, chest and shoulder muscles. To improve arm and leg fortitude and cardiovascular fitness, traditional MMA conditioning exercises, Burpees are used. Abdominal muscles and hip flexors are vital for powerful kicks. V sits helps develop the abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Some recommend a duration of five minutes for each exercise of the circuit training.

Mixed martial arts include some techniques such as stand-up techniques namely kicking, elbowing and punching, ground work like jiu-jitsu, wrestling and judo, and clinches. In MMA training, the fighter must be ready for anything and must be trained utterly in all these areas. It is very essential to learn all these besides having the knock-out power. Sparring generally comprises of wearing protective headgear and equipment during the practice of mixed martial arts techniques. Stretching is more important before and after the training for flexibility. Wearing mouthpiece even during training will help familiarize with this equipment during the fight.

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