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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - MMA for self-discipline

    MMA for self-discipline

    Mixed martial arts or MMA is known to be the sport that helps the players to get themselves self-disciplined. Before we learn that how does MMA allows people to get self-discipline we need to know that what it actually is. Understanding Self-discipline: Self-discipline means awareness of one’s own self that is to understand how to control your impulses, desires, your emotions and keep them in check. It requires a lot of focus from one person actually to master it. It requires you to instead of just gaining short-lived happiness try to strive for something that is long-term and the desire to resist something short-lived takes a lot of effort from the person. How to get ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - Health benefits of MMA that you can’t resist

    Health benefits of MMA that you can’t resist

    MMA is the sport that everyone would love to engage in once they get to know what are its health benefits. We all know that every sport incorporates different body muscles to make them strong, but when it comes to MMA, you can say that it is whole body workout. There are mental and physical benefits of MMA that you wouldn’t be able to resist and if you are health junkie, we suggest that you get the deep understanding of this sport and you are going to fall in love with martial arts. Total body workout: When it comes to MMA, it is a body workout that you wouldn’t want to miss on why? Because it is going to target all the aspects of your body that is legs, arms and most ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - Metabolic conditioning for MMA fighters

    Metabolic conditioning for MMA fighters

    Mixed martial arts is that form of sport requires requires mental and physical conditioning of a fighter. It is imperative that it is kept in mind while training to become the MMA fighter. This sport is a full body workout, starting from your legs, arms, and the core. Many sports are good at making your legs strong, some focus on the arms, but here you get to strengthen and condition your complete body. When conditioning yourself for MMA not only the show muscles should be trained but also the go muscles that many sports don’t need you to, but mixed martial arts indeed requires that from you. Conditioning “go” muscles: It is very common that if you want to look ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - Beginners guide to MMA

    Beginners guide to MMA

    MMA is a sport that has recently gained popularity after decades of it being a very strengthening game. This means new people are becoming part of MMA and they would like to know more about it. You can always visit the Norwich MMA center, and we can guide you through it, but we are also going to guide today how to get started and become a world class MMA fighter. For this, you will have to understand and keep in mind one thing that “slow and steady wins the race.” You will have to take the training very seriously but very slowly in order to get you going. Learning environment: First things first, the learning environment of the person should always be productive, when ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - Why should you train for MMA?

    Why should you train for MMA?

    MMA is an excellent full body workout, self-defense system and now with the increasing awareness also an internationally recognized sport that is on its way to being an Olympic sport. The question that arises in everyone’s mind is that why should you train for MM and what is so good about it. Well, if you want to experience the sport in its entirety, we suggest you visit Norwich MMA center, and we will help you go through all details and reasons that what should motivate you to be a part of this sport. But meanwhile, let’s share some vital information about MMA. A complete workout: First off when we see the MMA fighter, we notice that they have well-built bodies and ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Norwich

    Check out our new website for Icon Jiu Jitsu Team!
    We proudly serve the Norwich and Norfolk areas! Come see the programmes and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , Mixed Martial Arts, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook YouTube ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - BJJ Norwich Question, Do I Need To Get Fit Before Starting MMA Or BJJ

    BJJ Norwich Question, Do I Need To Get Fit Before Starting MMA Or BJJ

    BJJ Norwich Question = Do I Need To Get Fit Before joining? One of the biggest question we get asked here at Icon BJJ Norwich is, should I get fit before starting BJJ at Icon Norwich? The answer is, NO!!!! Joining our BJJ Norwich classes are not just for learning martial arts, BJJ or MMA. But for getting you in shape. And what better way to get in shape for bjj norwich classes than doing BJJ. Our beginner programme has drills that will work every muscle of your body, aswell as working a high level of fitness and endurance, specific for BJJ Norwich and MMA. Often, thinking you need to get to a certain level of fitness before starting fitness type ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - BJJ Norwich, How Often Should I train when I start?

    BJJ Norwich, How Often Should I train when I start?

    BJJ Norwich, How Often Should I train When I Start? How often should I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I start? When you start training Icon BJJ Norwich, one thing you may be unsure of is how many times to train BJJ when you start? The answer will vary, as not everyone is able to attend as many BJJ Norwich classes as they’d like to. Depending on work schedules, family commitments etc. But one thing is for sure, it’s better to train once a week than never. Although not ideal, one time a week in BJJ will give you 100% more knowledge and skill than never turning up. This is often a question I get asked, “is it worth coming if I can only attend 1 BJJ ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - The Emergence of Ultimate Fighting Championship

    The Emergence of Ultimate Fighting Championship

    Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combination of different fighting techniques. For competition purpose traditional and non-traditional styles are amalgamated for the emergence of a new and winning strategy. Previously this art was practiced for self defence and health point of view. But in the modern era, with the beginning of Ultimate fighting championship many enthusiasts came forward to participate in learning these competitions. UFC stands for ultimate fighting championship. It is an American mixed martial art (MMA) promotion company. It is the world’s largest company that hosts top rank-fighters. It takes the responsibility of hosting numerous events worldwide. UFC has ....

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  •  in Norwich - Icon Jiu Jitsu Team - UFC- a Dream of Fighters

    UFC- a Dream of Fighters

    In ancient times, martial art was famous as Japanese form of self defense . Wide ranges of fighting techniques are used in this game. With the display of the art form in movies gained many cravings worldwide. In this modern era, there were revolutionary changes in the style of fighting. Many fighters learned many forms of fighting techniques instead of sticking to one form. This movement paved way to the American and Japanese mixed martial arts. MMA competitions were held in America in the year 1993 for the first time. Dana white serves as the president of UFC. This Ultimate fighting championship became popular with the inclusion of network. The championships are aired and people ....

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