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Formally Royce Gracie (UFC champion) Jiu Jitsu & MMA / BJJ Norwich (Also known as UFC training), Norfolk Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Group moved to Brazilian Top Team,Under Ze Marcello in 2006, teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ Norwich) & Mixed martial arts (MMA Norwich) Martial Arts Norwich.  In 2010 we followed Ze Marcello to form his new BJJ Association.

We hold martial arts classes every day around Norwich, Lenwade, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston.  We teach Adults and kids, beginners and advanced in Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ Norwich)  and mixed martial arts Norwich

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We're now holding special Children's class for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ Norwich).  Which are really taken off as the kids enjoy a fresh approach to martial arts in Norwich, which is based on learning BJJ will having fun!  Our Childrens martial arts Norwich classes are all about fun.

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Hello, I'm Steve Cowan and thank you for visiting my website!  Starting martial arts is a super exciting time!  I still remember the first time my parents enrolled me at Judo way back in 1975 and to this day, I remember how awesome the experience was.  Now you are just one step away from experiencing the thrill and satisfaction of training self defense while getting in great shape!

Let me share with you my background.  I've been training in a mix of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and the modern MMA style (aka UFC style) since 1998.  My gym, Icon Martial Arts Gym, is the original MMA gym in Norfolk, having been open since 2001.  We even had UFC legend Royce Gracie here 4 times to spread the training when no one new what MMA or BJJ was!

During all these years in operation, Icon has trained Hundreds of people in mixed martial arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.  We have given fantastic results for men, women, and children, ranging from ages four to sixty years old!

We have helped men and women lose hundreds upon hundreds of pounds.  We have saved dozens of lives, which we have the testimonials from citizens, Police, and military to prove.  We have won MMA fights, BJJ world level championships.  We have even been televised by the BBC.  Most importantly, we have changed hundreds of lives that have trained in our gyms since 2001, they have all gained confidence, discipline, control over their minds and bodies, and friendships that have made an impact in every facet of their lives.
But Why Listen To Steve Cowan?
Who is he?
Quick background info on myself:

I'm a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Ze Marcello and founder of Icon Martial Arts Norwich.

I have over 35 years of experience in martial arts, having trained in wrestling, Judo,boxing, Karate, Chinese Martial Arts and BJJ.
I won 9 championships in Judo, Placed second in Sambo Wrestling & Won 4 Medals at the European BJJ championships

I have coached fighters to fight and win in MMA & BJJ, with British, English, ADCC, Area & European Champions amongst them

My team has place First for 2 years running at the European Champions

I have produced over 50 Blue Belts and purple belts from Norwich residents.

I am the only British born BJJ Black Belt under Master Ze Marcello.

I am the 22nd British born BJJ Black Belt.

I am know as the farther of BJJ in Norfolk.

Hopefully that's helped you to get to know me!  That is a quick snap shot of some of my accomplishments and credentials. Please join my email on this page.  By putting in your info, you will get INSTANT access to 5 Free videos.  PLUS, I will send you more videos weekly, along with lots of tips on MMA and grappling technique, drills, psychological concepts, conditioning and diet, martial arts philosophy, and much more!  You have nothing to lose, it's easy to remove yourself from the list at any point and it costs nothing, ever.   I will NOT send you SPAMMY emails!  I will only send you great info so take a look today!
Mitsuyo Maeda 
Carlos Gracie 
Carlson Gracie 
Sergio Souza
Ze Marcello
Steve Cowan
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PLUS -- As A Member, You'll Never Second Guess Which Techniques You Need
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Icon MMA Norwich
26 - 28 Mason Road Norwich, Norfolk Nr6 6rF
Phone: 01603 408707
"When I walked into the dojo for the first time I was welcomed by everyone in the class. I never had the feeling of being the "new guy" as I did in other dojos.  The friendly atmosphere makes you feel more like hanging out with friends."

Felipe - Norwich
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"I've been training with Steve for five and a half years now. Although I had studied traditional Karate when I was younger, by the time I took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I had'nt trained at all for fifteen years, and was pretty unfit, to put it mildly. I was also nearly forty, and worried that I might well be a bit too old to resume training in the martial arts. After a chat with Steve, I started attending classes.I found myself actually looking forward to going training! ( rather than regarding it as a bit of a painful chore, as had sometimes been the case in the past with a more traditonal style). I'm happy to say that I've been training ever since. My fitness has improved out of all recognition to what it was, I've lost weight, and I am also pleased to say that I now hold a Blue Belt grade.
If you hav'nt trained in a martial art before, or think that you may be a bit too old, or not fit enough, don't worry, give it a go. I really can't recommend the club and Steve's coaching highly enough"
Neil Chandler  - Great Yarmouth
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"I've trained martial arts off and on for about 5 years until a knee injury forced me to quit. I became interested in BJJ through watching MMA events. Luckily Steve was running training sessions at my gym. After speaking to Steve i was looking forward to my first session.  I have found BJJ has enabled me to learn a new martial art without risking injury to my knee.  The structure of the sessions is well thought out, Steve has a gift for teaching and makes sure your understand each movement in a technique and are comfortable with each technique before moving on to the next.  The sessions help me keep in shape and each time i am able to reaffirm my knowledge of techniques learnt previously, be shown new techniques and practise sparring in a controlled environment.  Thanks Steve for bringing BJJ to Norfolk!"
Will West - Lowestoft
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BJJ testimonial 2
I was worried, that I'd be on my own and wouldn't have a partner.  But once in, I realised everyone was in the same boat as me,  new, unfit and unsure.  And I quickly made friends and so glad I made that first call.
BJJ testimonial 2
BJJ testimonial 2
Being a little older, I thought I may have missed my chance, but after a chat with Steve, I realised I still got some fight in me.  I love the classes, I get to meet a bunch of people the same as me, I'm not in shape or an athlete, but I want to be in shape and have fun, the beginner classes are perfect for me.  And now and then pop in on the fighters classes.
One thing that stuck out for me was the fact that everyone wants to help me.  Even the high level guys, I feel part of something, I may never be as good as them, but that doesn't matter, as I am part of a great team and help them where I can.
Neil - Gt Yarmouth
Rob - Norwich
Simon - Fakenham
Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Or Mixed Martial Arts doesn't have to be a hassle.

We were all beginners once and understand how it feels to try and start something new.  We take away the fear and anxiety of starting with our structured beginner only program.

All our beginner programs focus on getting you in shape and techniquely confident before starting with any type of sparring, or competitive training.

Even though you'll find the Current European, British & English BJJ champions at our Gym. You'll be on your beginner program until confident enough to move to a seperate sparring class.  Simply claim your FREE 1-2-1, introduction & Tour of our entire facility today.

Unlike other martial art schools, we work with you to reach your goals.  Our programs include a monthly 1:1 session with a coach to check your results and targets.  Along with your program  SO CALL TODAY
CALL - 01223911829
BJJ testimonial 1
After a bad experience at another gym, where I was shown 1 technique then made to fight.  I was done with BJJ.  But saw the beginner only programme.  Haven't looked back since.  Friendly guys and willing to help me, not smash me...
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All classes are for beginners, there's no need to be in shape ( we'll work on that together), there's no need to be an expert (we start at the beginning), no need to be a tough guy (we'll only be working on techniques and fitness, not sparring)

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But What Is MMA?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport with both striking and grappling techniques, from standing and on the ground.

Wkipedia= The first documented use of the name mixed martial arts was in a review of UFC 1 by television critic Howard Rosenberg, in 1993 The term gained popularity when the website, then one of the largest covering the sport, hosted and reprinted the article The question of who actually coined the term is subject to debate
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Beginner Friendly Classes

All our mma & BJJ norwich beginner classes cater for someone who has never done a martial arts before. We donít expect you to be an athlete or in amazing shape. Our programs will do this. We wonít expect you to come in and start sparring straight away, we put you through a basic beginner program before letting you move to higher level mma norwich classes,

As A Member, Youíll Never Second Guess Which Techniques You Need With Our Online Curriculum At Your Fingertips, Youíll Be Mastering All Our Techniques At The Click Of A Button! And If You Think Youíre Going To Miss A Class ó Then Log In To Our Members only Live Stream & Watch Your Class LIVE!!!.


Our beginners programmes are unique and cater for someone who, doesnít have a training partner, not in shape, and with little or no experience.
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Looking For 1 On 1 Private Training?


Beginner sessions, Advanced Sessions.  Morning, Day Or Evening!  1 on 1, just you and the coach.  Click The Button ---- >
Summer Martial Art & Combat Sport Special

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Train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, BJJ or MMA, and master Chokesholds & Jointlocks such as the triangle choke, in our beginner grappling classes.
Train in our beginner only classes. FREE for a whole month 
No commitments - No Fee's - No B.S!

No memberships, No Contracts, No Payments, Just 1 whole Month Of FREE Leverage & Beginner Technique.

Includes All - Sport Grappling, Self Defence, MMA & BJJ classes Throughout July 2016.  Promote your physical fitness and build character, for a whole month FREE!!!!


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