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Founders & Lifetime Membership

If you're 100% commited and serious about reaching your goals. Then consider HUGE saving with this offer.

2 Founders

1 Lifetime

Founders Membership

A founders membership is making a 2 year commitment at half the cost - The regular membership is now £1199 +VAT.

Pay £1099 Incl and train for 2 years, HUGE SAVING.


Exactly what it says.

Train forever, Or as Long as I am capable of coaching. Pay once and never pay again, no monthly fee. Or any fees. Everything is included.

Based on a 10 year membership which would be £11990 +vat.

Pay £4950. Incl. And never pay again. EVER!


Is one of these for you. I only offer a limited number of each. So reach out to me today, just send me a PM on facebook


Of course, there will only be one winner.  I will do a live random draw on July 1st.  To announce the winner.

An xbox is a great prize, but I do hope that gaining the benefits of confidence and more are a greater win!

So, please let me know how we’ve helped your child benefit.  Even if there wasn’t a prize on the line.

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