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Win A XBOX Series S !

Simply let us know what benefits, you're
child have gained in our lifeskillz sessions!

live Draw on 1st Of July 2022

Film A Testimonial on your phone

Grab your phone, and let me know exactly what benefits you're child has gained through our skillz programme


This was a great testimonial, as parent and child sit together and explain the benefits they got, plus Xander did a rap.

Send to me

When done simply send to me, either through Facebook msg, email, or something else


Of course, there will only be one winner.  I will do a live random draw on July 1st.  To announce the winner.

An xbox is a great prize, but I do hope that gaining the benefits of confidence and more are a greater win!

So, please let me know how we’ve helped your child benefit.  Even if there wasn’t a prize on the line.

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