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Watch This Short Video - To Be Ready For Your 1 On 1 Session

Make sure to watch your child's specific age group to understand exactly how we will be working with them!

4-6 year olds

7- 9 year olds

10-14 year olds


The goal of a child development center is to help your child to become above their stage of development in 4 areas. Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social

Child Development

We use martial arts as the tool to increase your child's P.I.E.S stage of devlopment to an above average level.

Is A Group Class Right?

Children learn through mirroring their peers. We use mirroring as a tool to help your child succeed. But we also offer 1 on1 coaching.

What happens in a Pre Evaluation?

Brain Skills

lifeskills or martial arts?

child development experts

old school WAY

Stressing out the child in the hope they'll listen if they're scared.

icon way

working with science to understand how our children learn, with the use of D.O.S.E & PIES

1. Put The Date/Time In Your Calander.

2. Let Others Know You're Coming.

3. Make sure a child development programme is right for your family!

4. Be Prepared To Take Action

We’ve made time just for you.  I’ll be waiting for you.  Make sure you remember the date/time and if you can’t make it, PLEASE, out of courtesy, let us know.  As others may want to take this space.

Make sure you let people like your partner know.  Ask them before you come if they’ll be okay with you making a decision about joining our programme.  If you need their help to decide, bring them along

We have many different programmes ranging from  £39 – £65 per month for Specialized Child Development & Martial Arts classes.  Most students go with our £39 option. We can help find the right program to suit your needs, your budget, and your schedule!  The 1 on 1 Pre Eval, will give us the exact information we need to determine which programme to start your child in.

Because we run on very limited spots, your 1 on 1 means we have a space.  If after the 1 on 1 session you feel this is right for your family, be ready join. Most people join our programme on day 1. 

Because we run up to 5, 1 on1 sessions per day, that spot may go with the next intro.

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