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Looking to see if we are the right place for you to get started on your bjj/mma journey?

Simply follow our 4 easy steps to see if you're in the right place!

“Make sure you give yourself some time to go over all the details on this page. if you’re rushed for time, come back when you’re ready!”


Watch the below video on how Steve Cowan Got started and who our team is for.  To see if Icon Norwich Is Right For You?  Don’t skip!


Watch these 2 short videos, on our amazing online training programme that goes alongside your live training to speed up the learning progress.  And our video on why you start on a beginners only programme.  Please make sure to watch both of these short videos as they will really help you decided if this is for you.


If you’re starting to feel you are in the right place.  here’s exactly what to do next!

Check the time Table

do you want to do 1 x a week or unlimited

1 x a week = 65/m…  Or unlimited for just £85/m

What does the highest ranked BJJ  black belt in the UK, and World/European Champion say about Icon Norwich

To Old, Or not enough time?



What do others say after they joined?


Sneak peak of a beginners only class.

How Much Does It Cost To Train?

between 65 - 85 pm
£ 65 - 85 Monthly
  • Access To ALL Sessions
  • FREE uniform When Joining early
  • Access To Online Training Programme (RRP £1200)
  • Beginner onboarding


Come try out All our BJJ programmes within a 30 day period - for FREE!
£ FREE For 30 days
  • Train in all our Beginner sessions within a 30 day period and pay nothing.
  • Save £99 on our joining fee if you decide to join early.
  • Get a FREE uniform if you decide to join Early
  • Get FREE access to our online membership portal when joining early


Give us a call—  01603 929588 /  07377201807 Or wait for us to reach out to you.

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