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come home today

simply come back to icon today - and enjoy our clean slate offer!

Sometimes, it’s just not the right time.  I know you’ve trained / meet up / contacted me before about your journey into Icon.  And at that time, it wasn’t the right time.  Life has a habbit of getting in the way of our goals.

But if you’re ready NOW?  To jump back on that journey, I want to make it easy for you, with my clean slate offer….

Come Home To Icon

And Get A Free 1-2-1 With Me —  Simply Enter Your Details Below, And I’ll Contact You To Set Up A 1-2-1 Session.

come back offer

Simply – come home and claim our CLEAN SLATE OFFER:

  1. Start A Fresh – As if it’s your day 1
  2. Get 30 Days Free
  3. Grab A £100 Discount Voucher When you Mention – Clean Slate
  4. A Free Uniform if you need one.
  5. A free 1-2-1 with Me (Steve Cowan)



six More great reasons to come home to icon today

the team / tribe

Our tribe is growing, but we still have many old faces / friends who would love to see you

new programmes

We have added new programmes, like NO - GI, Foundations and more

monthly seminars

every month, you can now attend a monthly seminar by one of Icons top members / coaches.

online portal

it's huge, no gi, mma, bjj, fitness, hisotry, motivation. all at your fingertips.

more hours

we've added more sessions per week, including foundations, no gi and open mat.


Jump on our unique 8 week fitness kickstart programme - easy follow along home workouts and meal plan - for 8 weeks.

Why wait? Put on your running shoes and let’s rock it!

get a clean start - with a clean slate
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