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Thanks for booking your intro with me!

watch my short video - to find out how to get the 30 days free & grab your free uniform.

1.  Put The Date/Time In Your Calandar.

We’ve set a time just for you.  I’ll be waiting for you, I’ll have stopped everything to meet up with you.  Make sure you remember the date/time and if you can’t make it, PLEASE, out of courtesy, let us know.

2. Let Others Know You're Coming.

Make sure you let people like your partner know.  Ask them before you come if they’ll be okay with you making a decision about joining our programme.  If you need their help to decide, bring them along..

3.  Research MMA Or BJJ On Google.

If you’re not sure what MMA or BJJ are, simply youtube them, there are hundreds of videos to watch.  This will give you a good idea of what these sports are.

4.  Be Prepared To Take Action.

Procrastination is a killer of dreams. Most people join our team on day 1.  So we introduced a day 1 offer to say thankyou.  With savings up to £200

Away on holiday next week or can’t start now, call us and rearrange nearer your availability, to guarantee a space and HUGE savings.

members who join on day 1 can get 30 days free training - a uniform - £100 off.

Full Programme Memberships

While we have many different options of membership. From paid in full to monthly where we can help you find the best programme option to suit you your budget and your schedule. An idea of membership is below with most members paying between 65-99: Our most popular membership is the :
£ 65 per month.
  • Over 21 classes a week
  • Online members portal & library
  • includes all beginner, int and adv sessions.
1. YOU    2. I.D (you must be over 18)   3.  A Payment Method (if thinking of joining today)


Need to reschedule or cancel your appointment:

Call Mel: 01603 929588
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