Kids Classes Norwich – limited Offer!


  • Introductory Class & Tour:

    Our Fully Qualified Norwich Instructor Will Give You A Tour And Make Sure Your Family Feels At Home In Your First Class

  • 3 Martial Arts Classes:

    This Is Our SELF DEFENCE & Kids Confidence Class & Its Awesome!

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It’s a fact of life, most people will have experienced some kind of bullying in their life time. While many will shrug this away saying it’s builds charater, we believe it does the opposite. No one has the right to attack your self esteem and force you to live a life with bully’s.

Here at Icon, we have created a systematic approach to not only, teaching your child how to defend themslef, but also, how to stand up for themself in a verbal bully attack.

PLUS!!!! We will teach our famous, Street Smart skills, which will deal with situations, such as internet bulling, house, street and school saftey and much more.

Our Philosophy

Every Child should have the confidence to live their lives to the full, without Bully’s or anything else breaking down their self esteem.

Our Mission

To teach your child, not only to defend themselves, but to learn how to deal with verbal bully and know when and how to react to this..

Our Goals

To install massive confidence and awarness into your child, thorugh fun games and play, as well as learning the seriousness to the dangers out there.

Our Programs

Do not rely on punching or kicking, but pure defensive approach, standing up for yourself and know what to do should a situation move to the danger zone.

  • Confidence

    Bullyproof, means confidence. Wait until you seen the change in your child when they start to hold their head high and believe in themself. Knowing they can deal with a situation, verbally, mentally and physically, and begin to live their life with power and passion, without others lowering their self esteem

  • Step By Step

    At Icon, we have a step by step approach and curriculum, there’s no gues work in what we do. Our system is proven again and again. You child will start at stage one, moving through the stages of our developement programme.

  • Development

    When your child begins to believe in themself and mix with other confident children in our classes, they will develope their true self, not a held back, low self esteem shell, but what they really are. They’ll play our games while interacting with other like minded children, have fun, make friends and feel strong and confidentm

  • Champions

    When your child completes all the stages of the development programme, we have a special V.I.P programme for serious champions, in our BB Club (Black Belt) where many of our students compete at the highest level and become a true champion.e.