Icon Jiu Jitsu Team V Most ‘MMA’ & Self Defence Schools

You will find amazing wrestlers and judo practitioners at Icon.  Icon is known around the country for possessing very strong takedowns and its instructors have utilized them against the world’s best fighters!  Icon Head Instructors learned to wrestle from certified wrestling coaches, Judo Black Belts, and world class wrestlers!  We have students that were members of international Judo teams and champions!  The head coach Steve Cowan started training Judo when he was 6.

All of our head instructors are certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts and are known worldwide for their victories on the mat, for example, Steve Cowan’s success at the European championships. With Ze Marcello (World, Brazilian, European Champion) on hand to help at the school. You’ll always find a Black belt on our mats, with students from white belt to Brown belt. Students at Icon have won the European, British, English, Area, Essex, Bristol and Abu Dhabi championships, these are people from Norwich, not names from other countries added to make a school look good, actual Norwich students.

When you start out at Icon, you will be going through a special beginner friendly course. In this class, you will be learning from an organized curriculum that balances striking, takedowns, and ground grappling. The classes are designed to work at a pace that beginner’s can absorb. The beginner’s class also takes into account that you may be totally out of shape – one of its principal designs is to get you into good shape and allow you to train harder in the next level.

A common misconception about MMA training is that to learn effective MMA, you have to get into wild and crazy sparring matches.  FALSE.  At ICON, most of our students have families and jobs and can’t afford to leave the gym with black eyes!  The grappling and sparring that is done at Icon is done with utmost control and in only when you are ready.  Your first sparring sessions take place after you graduate from the beginner course and in the beginning you would only be sparring with an instructor or advanced student, so that you can get comfortable.  The idea is to train smart and have fun.  Only our amateur and professional fighters do some hard sparring – but because they have to prepare for a cage fight.  Safety is our number one concern.

3 Classes Free Uniform, Free Private intro and commitments to join!  Can’t beat that!

What could be better than 3 trial classes?  How about 3 weeks FREE.  This is a special offer we have for our first time members who are keen to get started with us today!

Above anything, this is what we take the most pride in.  Our goal is to go above and beyond what you would expect from us.  We are constantly trying to find new ways to please our students.  It is hard to explain this because it is really the little things that makes our customer service stand out… you will notice it just from the way our staff will greet you when you arrive!

Icon Jiu Jitsu Team Norwich is one of a kind.  A 1,500 square foot facility with a large mat area, a semi cage, rope climbing, reception, and much more!  Plus, we are the most clean school in Norfolk – we disinfect our mats daily and ensure the gym is cleaned and smelling fresh daily.

As well as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt our head coach was also taught by Royce Gracie and the self defence methods taught by the Gracie family.  All our self defence methods are battle tested and come from a reputable training source, including blood sweat and tears to learn.

Icon Jiu Jitsu team have been here, teaching MMA in Norwich since 2003 and teaching in Norfolk since 2001.  We are committed to our students and nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our students reach their goals!  We’re not here to cash in on the latest MMA trend, we started it in Norfolk.  Our school had Royce Gracie in Norwich helping us teach MMA way back in 2004.

Icon have been the main coaches for UWCB Boxing events since 2015.  Meaning we are responsible for training and coaching over 150 boxers a year, to prepare them for a real fight.  So, you are guaranteed of top level stiking tuition, from high level boxing coach’s.

Unfortunately, a lot of grapplers learn their takedowns from you-tube… most MMA schools focus more on striking and submissions and neglect the take-down, only showing 1 or 2 and then skipping back to striking again. Icon have dedicated classes, just for take-downs.

Most MMA or self defence schools don’t have a clue about grappling, the coach’s are un-qualified and often teach dangerous techniques that don’t work.  Some schools are taught by low level BJJ students and pull in a high level coach now and then to try and give the school some credibility, leaving the students without regular, consistent assessment of the training.  At Icon, Our head coach’s are there to help you reach your long term goals, not just for the next few months.  Also keep in mind though, there are still some MMA schools with non-qualified grapplers… and more will be popping up soon with the popularity of the UFC on the rise.

Many martial art programs mix you in with the regular class on your first day!  Just think about it… how can someone teach a class of people who have been training for two to three years… and then teach you your first class at the same time?  That is like getting a calculus and algebra class in one room and trying to teach both at the same time!  Either the advanced guys are missing out or the beginners are missing out…

Many MMA schools have this misconception that the only way to learn how to fight is to put on boxing gloves and swing for the fences!  This is not true… and actually can be counter-productive, besides dangerous.  Many gyms also lack the technique to spar with control and spar hard to compensate for their lack of technique.  Brawling during training proves nothing and only hinders the learning process and injures people.  If you really want to brawl, save it for the street or in the cage.

Good luck finding another quality gym willing to give you a free uniform & Gloves, free private lesson And 3 classes for £20

Even harder than finding a great trial is a great settling in period!  We are the ONLY gym in the country to offer 3 weeks free when you join our team!  Ask at your intro how you can get this special settling in period free.

I didn’t say “bad customer service”… I think the question mark is more fitting… because most martial arts schools don’t seem to even know what customer service is!  I’ve walked into schools and had staff stare me down like if I was walking in to challenge someone!  Egos, bad attitudes, and insecurities fuel bad customer service.

If you are going to learn self-defense or MMA, you are going to need certain things.  For instance, you will need a cage to lean up against to get a feel for the real thing.  If there isn’t a  cage or padded wall – then you can’t properly learn MMA.  Why?  When was the last time a MMA event was held in the middle of a football field?  Where ever you fight, you will encounter boundaries – such as walls, fences, cars, and even groups of people like in a club… so you need to know how to fight with your back against a boundary.  For wrestling and grappling – you need high QUALITY mats.  Mats are usually not a problem… the problem is that most gyms don’t clean them!  I know some gyms that clean their mats only once a week with a wet towel!  The gym needs to be sanitary for your health.

Most MMA – Self Defence schools think just hitting as hard as possible will do the trick, they don’t show you how to use leverage to beat larger more aggressive attackers because they just don’t know how!

Check the listing a year or so ago, most MMA schools were actually kickboxing or karate schools a year ago, but due to mma’s popularity, they are suddenly MMA.  Most schools have kickboxer’s as MMA coach’s.  Check the full time coach are they qualified?  How long have they been there?  How long will they be there?  At Icon our head coach has been with the team since 1999.  If you look a little deeper, you’ll see that most, if not all MMA schools in Norfolk had their first lessons with Steve Cowan.

A lot of MMA schools are old Karate or kickboxing gyms, who are trying to get in on the rise of MMA.  They often teach basic karate or kickboxing as stand up for MMA, which just doesn’t work for MMA.

Teaching In Norwich Since 2003

Formally Royce Gracie (UFC champion) Jiu Jitsu & MMA Norwich (Also known as UFC training), Norfolk Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Group moved to Brazilian Top Team,Under Ze Marcello in 2006, teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) & Mixed martial arts (MMA Norwich) Martial Arts Norwich. In 2010 we followed Ze Marcello to form his new BJJ Association.
We hold martial arts classes every day around Norwich, Lenwade, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston. We teach Adults and kids, beginners and advanced in Brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts Norwich / MMA Norwich.

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We’re now holding special Children’s class for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Which are really taken off as the kids enjoy a fresh approach to martial arts in Norwich, which is based on learning BJJ will having fun! Our Childrens martial arts Norwich classes are all about fun.


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