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Training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at our BJJ Norwich gym is about an orchestrated effort between all the muscles of the body, used as one continuous unit. Therefore, our training always revolves around using all the muscles simultaneously – never isolating any particular muscle groups. When it comes to strength and weight training, this can lead to some issues.

You see, most of the common workouts – dumbbell curls, benchpress, and all the overpriced weight machines you find in gyms – isolate individual muscle groups for each rep. This can give you bulk, sure, but it trains you to use one muscle group for an individual movement. This will absolutely kill you when grappling at our BJJ Norwich gym.

Mant of our members here at Icon BJJ Norwich have had great success with kettlebell training, some use this just for weight loss or muscle building.  Other create a full blown routine to help with competition.  It’s a very versatile tool.

BJJ Norwich uses the entire body as a tensed coil; all the power of every move comes from the entire body, at least that’s the Gracie Jiu Jitsu method, so when you’re weight training you need exercises that will train your body to use all your muscles. That’s where the kettlebell comes in.

Here are two easy kettlebell training workouts that you can use to maximize your explosive power in the ring.

The Attack:

This exercise teaches your body how to get off the ground in one explosive move – essential for a grappling match against a tough opponent. The Attack will not only help your moves in a match, it will get you into great shape and boost your endurance.

You need two 53lb kettlebells, but you can also substitute two 50lb dumbbells as long as they don’t roll.

Place the kettlebells on the ground at shoulder width and place your body into the classic pushup position (hands on the kettlebells) with your arms straight. Do one pushup, and at the top of the rep throw your feet forward and land in the beginning position for the clean.

Do a full clean with both kettlebells, and at the bottom again hop your feet backwards to end in the pushup position once again. That’s one rep.

Try to do three full sets of five reps, three times a week. Once you get used to the move, add a rep to each set until you reach ten reps per set. Eventually, work your way up to doing 25 straight reps at one time with a 53lb kettlebell. You’ll start to notice your stamina in a match improving almost immediately, and your explosive power will be unmatched.

There are many great exercises using the kettle bell, here at Icon BJJ Norwich, we often focus on a circuit of exercises, one of these is.

The Duckwalk:

A lot of MMA and BJJ Norwich fighters use the duckwalk already, but by adding weight you add more resistance to the move, which will give you a huge advantage once you take it to a match. Here’s how you do it.

Take a kettlebell in your right hand and then clean it; your elbow shouldn’t be below your waist. Step forward with your right foot and drop your left knee to the ground. Then, let your right knee drop and slide your left leg forward, bringing the knee up. Do the same thing again to bring the right knee up one more time.

When you’re doing this, concentrate on driving your knee forward, as if there was an opponent directly in front of you.

Some of our students, enjoy a session before the class of BJJ and some will work on kettle bell after a session.  Whatever you feel works best is good.  Icon BJJ Norwich have found benefits to both.  So don’t worry if one seems to fit you more than the other.

We teach a lot of different techniques for BJJ Norwich training at our school in Norwich, Norfolk. Every class is different. Drop by sometime to see what you can gain from training with the Icon Jiu Jitsu team.

bjj norwich kettlebell

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Setting a routine for a work out

Many times, the intentions to start a routine are good, but when the time arrives, many people will put this off for one reason or another.

Don’t get caught in this trap.  At Icon BJJ Norwich, we tell our members to use a Kettle bell at least 3 time a week.  And to put the training in your diary or google calendar.  So you won’t forget it’s time to step up.  Our members at Icon BJJ Norwich also have a training routine log, created by us, so if they’ve decided they will be adding this routine.  They then have to show the coach at Icon BJJ Norwich that they’ve really completed their tasks.

A routine at BJJ Norwich

Norwich Kettle bell classes.

One of the great strengths here at Icon BJJ Norwich, is that we have a dedicated Kettlebell class, tailor made for BJJ.  So, we’ve already done all the hard work, so our members can simple turn up to the class and follow along, rather have have to work out their own routine or have set times for themselves.


We’ve done all the hard work here at Icon BJJ Norwich.

When watching Brazilian jiu jitsu champions fight, you can immediately see how flawless and effective their techniques are. It seems like they utilize every single part of their body, even the hairs on their arms, for something useful. If your goal is training to become a serious champion, then there are some key points that every fighter should have in mind when BJJ training. When keeping these in mind, you’ll soon start to see how you are becoming an unbeatable fighter. There are three things to help you train in the most effective way. Consistency, repetition, and getting rid of your pride.

When people say phrases like ‘consistency is key’ it really sorts of states the obvious, but it is true and no one can stress this enough. Going to BJJ schools only twice a week will get you a good workout, but the body and the brain will simply not have enough experience to effectively use all the nooks and grips to counter a new or cunning technique. When you are ever watching the professionals do it better, you will notice that their movements are as easy as breathing. This comes with extensive practise. Go to the gym everyday without fail and practise for more than an hour a day and you will quickly be on your way to being that flawless fighter.

People might think that consistency and repetition are basically the same thing, but they couldn’t be more wrong. You can go to the gym every day, but if you’re not fine-tuning your skills, you are just wasting your time. Everyday should be a strong and effective workout with your mind focused on the task at hand. Trying to work on one grappling technique over and over might seem dull, but as many say, practise makes prefect. If you really want to be just as good as any Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighter, then keep in mind this is what it takes to completely crush anyone in your path.

When you come to the Icon Jiu Jitsu Team’s gym in Norwich, Norfolk, you’ll rapidly notice how competitive the black belts are, but you’ll also noticed that they are not filled with an ego gloat. This is because there is no reason to be the guy to prove a point through every single match or roll. There is nothing like a good competitive spirit when on the mat, but people who have a lot of pride can seriously injure or hurt other players.

These unnecessary injures occur when the player feels like he has to win every-single-time in order to save face. Guys like these need to learn how to leave their pride at the door, it is the only way you can move on to the next level. You don’t have to win constantly. The important thing is that you understand and are able to analyse why someone is better than you and how you can use your wit to find a counter attack that will completely defeat them during the next sparing game.

Since birth, we’re brought up with the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When it comes to BJJ training, that is absolutely wrong. For martial artists and bodybuilders, the most important mean of the day actually comes to a two way tie: pre workout meal and post workout meal.

Research proves that the nutrition intake before and directly after a workout has drastic results on the effectiveness of that workout, and these tests have been conducted on every sport from long distance running to weightlifting.

On the pre workout side, adding extra protein and carbohydrates to your body right before an intense workout will give you added energy for the workout, allowing you to train harder and for longer periods of time. A lot of BJJ schools don’t teach this, but it’s just as important as the actual workout itself.

The post workout benefit comes because right after a workout, your muscles are craving sustenance. It’s important to eat as soon as possible because the nutrients from your post workout meal will start healing your muscle tissue. The threshold for what’s known as “overtraining” in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is drastically lowered if you aren’t providing your body with proper nourishment. If you feel tired constantly after a hard workout then you need to take a second look at your calorie intake.

There’s an anabolic window that occurs right after training. During this time the cells in your muscle tissue are especially receptive to nutrient uptake. After the training stops the window slowly closes, so try to get food into your stomach as soon as possible; otherwise your food won’t be absorbed so easily and you’ll end up losing a lot of beneficial nutrients. Gracie Jiu Jitsu gives you a hardcore workout, so it’s especially important to stay fuelled when you work with Icon Jiu Jitsu.

Now, most people recommend that you make your pre/post meals a liquid shake, and we agree. Your body will be able to absorb liquid much faster than solid food. One thing you should be sure of is to put plenty of carbohydrates into your meals. Carbs release a lot of energy, and most athletes forget about these benefits because they’re so focused on finding enough protein.

For your pre workout meal, you should shoot for at least twenty grams of carbs, ten grams of protein, and plenty of water and electrolytes.

For post workout, aim for thirty grams of protein, up to eighty grams of carbs, and again enough water and electrolytes as you can stand.

You’re not going to earn your black belt or defeat an opponent in a grappling match by skipping meals -that’s a fact. The problem is these shakes can really add up if you buy the formulated products. Instead, try this: powdered gatorade mix, protein powder, and maltodextrin (for carbohydrates). Play with the mixture until you find something that you can stomach easily, and come to your workout prepared. Head to Icon Jiu Jitsu in Norwich, Norfolk for intense BJJ workouts and a friendly atmosphere.

The Prefect Training Partner.

When rolling and using important grappling techniques in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, it important to have a good partner that can keep up. Partners can be a big damper on your BJJ training as it simply might be their lack of skill or knowledge that is holding you back. The worst thing is you simply can’t train by yourself, so any chance of progress can be difficult. If you know what makes a good partner, you can diplomatically help your fighting friend improve and, in turn, help yourself advance too. This is probably the best approach for both parties involved. You don’t want to be stuck with a useless rag and he doesn’t want to be a bad fighter.

It is amazing how many BJJ schools in Norwich, Norfolk just sort of throw inexperienced players into the mix and expect that they will learn it all in one go. Be sure to talk to the new guy whenever you are training with him. New guys are probably one of the most dangerous to train with as they can get scared and instinctively react to your techniques. There is nothing worse than getting a broken rib from a rookie and having to take a couple of weeks off because of it. Talk with him, ask him about any injuries and make him feel comfortable. Talk him through some moves and explain to him what you are trying to do. This is probably the best way to help ease the nerves on the new guy. Overall communication is a great feature in sparing partners.

Good partners take things easy and are not too tense. When you are calm and relaxed you are less likely to get an injury and are more likely to preform a couple of highly effective moves. New or professional, we all get tensed up sometimes and when you notice your partner doing this, you’ll find that it is a slightly strenuous match. Players often don’t notice things like this, so it is important that you let your partner know when he is tightening up.

Good partners listen to other partners. This can be quite a challenging task, especially when you are trying to tell your partner what he is doing wrong. Try and do this in an open matter, explain where you are coming from and the reasons behind it. Simply barking orders at him will get you on his bad side and the least you want to do is be a know-it-all prick. If your partner wants to roll a little lighter that day, be open minded about it and vice versa.

Key point to training with an amazing partner in Gracie Jiu Jitsu is that they’d adapt to your skill level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a black belt, brown, white, or whatever. A more experienced player should simply not go out and kill the poor fellow. With any BJJ move, it is essential to help your partner figure out ways to get out of your submission hold and help him learn to play on an even playing field.

The Gi vs no Gi debate.

This debate is a forever continuing circle and I have come to shed some light to it. As Brazilian jiu jitsu is a rapidly growing sport – both in competition and fan base, many newcomers that come to our BJJ school in Norwich, Norfolk, and professionals for that matter, might be getting the wrong idea about this whole gi vs no gi discussion. I believe the debate is quite a touchy subject that needs to be focused on and resolved as quickly as possible.

Ever since the no gi competitions have come around, this debate has existed and with good reason too. The no gi rule sort of breaks the traditional aspect of BJJ martial arts. The gi was worn by Japanese and Asian workers for centuries and, if anybody knows anything about history, martial arts was designed by the working class to help defend themselves against foreign invaders. This form of wear is essentially casual clothes for the culture. In fact, samurai would train heavily in their undergarments which closely resembled a gi.

The gi does have some modifications depending on what martial art you are in. For example, the jiu-jitsu gi is a lot heavier in weight and can not tear easily compared to the karate gi. Wearing the gi simply shows respect for the tradition and the art. However, like most debates, there are two sides to the story.

The pro gi-wearers say:

Many traditional and very important BJJ instructors mention that fighters need to have a certain level of experience with the gi before training without a gi during MMA and submission wrestling. They are simply able to better hone their grappling skills and choke holds. When a Gi is worn, it helps develop a slower and skilled game.

Many players have stated that their grip is far better when trying to generate leverage in a gi. When BJJ training; the handler is able to fine-tune his skills in a more compact and quicker way. Those who wear a gi are much more technical fighters and actually hold a greater number of no-gi titles. The prefect example of this is Marcelo Garcia, a black belt who holds multiple ADCC championships and is a heavily participator in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. He has completely crushed his weight class and won the entire division. This is an amazing accomplishment once you know that most of the opposing fighters completely outweighed him.

The no gi-wearers say:

Usually this is more in reference to MMA fighters. There are many players that rely extensively on the gi and this is their major downfall, especially during games that do not require the use of a gi. Eddie Bravo states that many prominent gi players are constantly at the mercy of ground’n’pound techniques. Another key point is, using a gi is a lot slower and when you are facing a MMA game that requires fast plays, it doesn’t make sense to train in it.

In reality, it is not an either/or scenario. Both are equally important for what you want to do. Learning both techniques can really open your mind to becoming a better and faster player. In fact, it is important to train with both. The gi can show you methods you wouldn’t have been able to learn without it and vice versa.

Almost every child has been a victim of bullying from older children at school or even at the playground. Bullies that harass your kid can make them feel useless or worthless and, in extreme cases, can even lead to serious bruising when things get too physical. They might feel like talking to teachers at school will only propel the harassment and could even shut themselves out to any authoritative figure. You or your child talking to teachers might not always be the best solution either. Teachers can tell the bully to stop, but he might just find other ways to hurt your child without them seeing or taking notice.

When children feel helpless it can lead to a long life of problems and as a responsible parent, it might simply be time to help them fight back. When children know they are in control, they have an easier time figuring out peaceful solutions to problems. In fact, they are less likely to obtain an illegal weapon and kill innocent people when they have learned Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Studies have shown that children’s grade scores increase when children participate in a healthy amount of exercise. We are talking about heavy and challenging exercises and not what they provide at the school’s gym class. This is because there is more oxygen flowing to the brain and they have an easier time concentrating on their studies. Not only is your child getting a good BJJ training, they are becoming healthier and smarter.

Many BJJ schools try to make champions out of your child, the Icon Jiu Jitsu team has every confidence it can do that, but we also know that children need to be in a fun environment. There is a huge percentage of our children student that come here only to learn how to be safe in everyday life and not to become BJJ world champions. This means that in our training we focus more on the self-defence aspect and not how to properly quality for the championships. Your child will be learning from the best black belt instructors and will quickly know how to fend for themselves. Our instructions will show them how to properly do various grappling techniques that will help take any bully or bad guy down. When they are older, you and your child can decide if they want to take Gracie Jiu Jitsu to the next level.

Our gym in Norwich, Norfolk, is still preparing a class for children between the ages of 3 ½ to 5 years old. Feel free to call us at 0122-391-1968 to get more information on our younger classes. Currently our schedule for children ages 5 to 8 are:

Tuesday 5pm to 5:50pm.
Tuesday 6pm to 7pm (For children who have a yellow belt or higher)
Thursday 5pm to 5.50pm.
Friday 4:30pm to 5:20pm
Saturday 1:30pm to 2:20pm.

Children aged 8 to 13:

Tuesday 6pm to 7pm (For children who have a yellow belt or higher)
Thursday 6pm to 7pm.
Saturday 2:30pm to 3:30pm.

Children older than 14 can join the adult classes.

Whenever someone gets into a sport for the very first time, they want to bring a friend to help them ease into a new environment. When there is simply no friend available, people will often find excuses to avoid going or will try and convince themselves that being active again is not worth it. The Icon Jiu Jitsu team encourages you to come even if you don’t have any one to bring. We don’t discriminate by gender, male, female, children, are all welcome. Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) is known to be a male dominated sport, but you’d be surprised at how many women can out preform certain men at Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Everyone at the gym trains extensively and we will all notice a new guy, but so what? Our black belt instructors are quite friendly and will surely help you get yourself familiar with the place. Come by for a visit at our gym in Norwich, Norfolk, and we’d be glad to show you how our classes work. Get a feel for what we do and be sure to ask questions while you are here.

When you’re set and satisfied about how we run things, then coming into your class is a breeze. For your first class it is not necessary that you own a traditional BJJ gi, just make sure you wear something comfortable. Wearing an old t-shirt and some sweat pants is completely acceptable. Although, after a couple of classes it is recommend that you get yourself a gi, because you will not be able to learn proper BJJ techniques without it. Learning things like how to use your gi to achieve a proper choke hold is rather important.

Make sure you do not wear anything that has extra pockets. Things with belt loops or even sweat pants that are too baggy can be dangerous for other people when they are practising a grappling technique on you. Do not bring cargo pants to a BJJ training as this is the prefect example of fingers and toes getting caught in your pants.

If you haven’t visited the gym before, then be sure to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early so you can meet the instructor and get any necessary documents filled out. Give yourself time to get dressed and to do any necessary stretching. Our teachers usually do light warm up before we get into training, but if you’re new and haven’t stretched in a couple of months to years, you might want to give yourself some extra time.

Our school is one of the top BJJ schools in all of Norfolk and you certainly will not regret joining. We are a serious gym that teaches BJJ and not some renamed franchise. We have solid instructors that are dedicated to what they do and who have been training for years to get to where they are today. One of our students won the European championships after only 8 months of training with us, so when you come to our gym, we mean business.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) has become very popular over the years due to the huge amount of publicity it has received through the Ultimate Fighting Championships. BJJ has a strong focus with grappling and ground fighting. These methods use the body’s natural ability to achieve proper dominant control and a better striking position for submission holds.

There are BJJ schools that help teach self defence, sport grappling with a gi or without one, and for MMA competition. It all depends on the reasons why you are training and what sort of goals you want to accomplish. When you are BJJ training, it does not matter what size the opponent is. This form of martial arts is an extremely effective way of taking down bigger, heavier, and stronger fighters. BJJ is so effective that it is found worldwide in nearly every martial arts school. In recent years, many police officers, security guards, bouncers, and other people in this profession have placed a lot of importance on learning grappling and ground techniques. Through their BJJ training, they are successfully able to defeat an opponent during hand-to-hand combat.

The gi is an important part of the fighter’s uniform. It has tight cuffs around the pants and arms to help with a tighter fit. This ensures that the opponent has a harder time using the fighter’s gi as a weapon. The requirement of wearing a gi during competition can sometimes vary. In order to be promoted to a different coloured belt, you must wear a gi during training. However, there is growing popularity to the ‘no gi’ rule and practitioners can be promoted when under it. The prefect example of this is when Rolles Gracie (a member of the Gracie family, his family founded Gracie Jiu Jitsu), awarded Rashad Evans a black belt without the presence of a gi.

The Icon Jiu Jitsu Team is currently the only BJJ Black Belt school in Norwich, Norfolk. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and be inspired by the hard working BJJ fighters. We are currently running a 30 free day trial for those who are interested in learning BJJ. We are so confident that you will like our gym, we are offering 30 days free and there is absolutely no catch. You are not required to sign or buy anything from us in order to get this deal. You will get a free private lesson, a free uniform, and a free video to help teach you the 5 basic BJJ techniques.

We are very passionate about BJJ and we simply want you to see why. We have highly trained instructors who have been in this line of work for a long time now. These are guys that know what they are doing. We guarantee that you’re not going to get a rookie to teach you. It is a great deal for anyone who wants to take up self-defence, be fit, or become an champion. Meet our friendly and welcoming instructors and help get yourself back in shape again.

For many who have been doing this for quite some time, it can be hard to get up in the morning to train. It is likely that every single person in the world knows the feeling of getting up and not looking forward to doing a certain task – especially if it is physical. We are all human and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters are no exception to that rule. We all have those days and sometimes our laziness takes over and skipping a class or two just seems to be a great idea.

A great deal of BJJ practitioners are very self-driven and competitive people. Having a competitive personality certainly helps you get through the day and helps you look forward to the next match. Though, this nature sometimes is just not a enough. If you have fought against an opponent, you can quickly start to realize when your opponent is giving up – like he doesn’t want to be there any more. With players like these, you can notice how quickly it is to bring him into a submission that causes him to tap out. These sort of people do not help you grow or improve your skill, so how can you prevent being that guy?

There are several factors to consider: defeat and fatigue.

It is surprising how many BJJ schools do not touch on this topic. It can be quite frustrating when you get beaten by a bigger or better player and, if this happens often, some might start to doubt their abilities. They might even go so far as to say they aren’t good enough. Being a competitive Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighter is a good thing, but it seems that this is a major flaw in people who are almost too competitive. Though, people who aren’t competitive enough seem to share the same trait. Key thing is, don’t get frustrated when you get defeated, get smart. Frustration really isn’t going to take you anywhere, in fact, it will make you sloppy at your grappling technique. If you keep a cool head and are able to analyse your opponent’s tactics, you can quickly find key weakness and counter them. Channel that frustration into something that gets results and you’ll quickly find that when people defeat you, it is a motivation in itself to get them by surprise.

Fatigue is a great anti-motivator when BJJ training. This usually means you are simply out of shape. Being out of shape should not be a reason to stop practising, but a motivation to continue. You don’t need to be fat in order to be out of shape either. Try cardio to help improve your endurance. If you are fit, but seem to get exhausted quite easily, then this might be a simple breathing issue. Do you notice yourself holding your breath while preforming a grappling technique? Pay attention to this as you might want to work on proper breathing during training.

Come join the black belt Icon Jiu Jitsu Team in Norwich, Norfolk and get motivated, get in shape, and achieve your goals. Meet our friendly instructors who can pin-point what your lacking and to help you improve.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is somewhat similar to Judo. It all began with a man named Jigoro Kano. He created his own judo style in 1882 and called it Kodokan Judo. He and his fighters attended a tournament, held by the Tokyo police in 1886, to try and test out his new honed skill. Out of the 15 matches held by the police, 13 were won by tough Kodokan Judo fighters and the other two were tied. This completely revolutionized any fighting method for the time.

At the time, Kodokan Judo was a completely undefeated martial art and many who practised a more traditional fighting style lost to the superiority of Judo. It was not until after the 19th century did a man named Mataemon Tanable challenged the fighting styles of Kodokan Judo. He was the headmaster of a form of classical Jiu Jitsu called Fusen Ryu. This style was completely unknown for the time. The style of fighting focused heavily on ground movements and other ground techniques, which was an utterly different method than any fighting style the Kodokan Judo had faced. As Kodokan Judo was comprised mostly of stand up throwing techniques, Fusen Ryu fighters prevailed. This strongly showed many Judo fighters the importance of focusing on a grappling and ground fighting technique.

A man named Mitsuyo Maeda became to be one of the best Judo fighters in history. He first started with traditional Jiu Jitsu styles and eventually studied Kodokan Judo. Jigoro Kano noticed his abilities and decided to send him to the US in 1904 to help spread the word of Kodokan Judo. He has travelled all over the world including the US, great Britain, parts of Europe, Cuba, Mexico, and then finally retiring in Brazil. Maeda is one of the very few men who has never lost a match.

When Maeda finally moving to Brazil, he quickly opened a Jiu Jitsu academy of his own. Carlos Gracie was one of Maeda’s students and after training with him for a couple of years, he opened his own academy school in 1925. The Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighters have fought a wide range of players coming from different backgrounds and still continue to improve their skills.

It was during the late 1980s when the Gracie family start to migrate to the US. BJJ became known on a world wide level when Royce Gracie won several victories in the Ultimate Fighting Championships in the mid 1990s. It is now so popular that many BJJ schools have come out of the woodwork.

One of these is the BJJ black belt school in Norwich, Norfolk. If you live in Norfolk, be sure to stop by and observe our BJJ training. We provide MMA classes along with a women’s boot-camp, and even kids classes. We have a number of beginner classes and have extensive advance classes for those who know what they are doing. There is literally a place for everyone. Come meet our friendly instructions to help get you started.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combination of different fighting techniques. For competition purpose traditional and non-traditional styles are amalgamated for the emergence of a new and winning strategy. Previously this art was practiced for self defence and health point of view. But in the modern era, with the beginning of Ultimate fighting championship many enthusiasts came forward to participate in learning these competitions.
UFC stands for ultimate fighting championship. It is an American mixed martial art (MMA) promotion company. It is the world’s largest company that hosts top rank-fighters. It takes the responsibility of hosting numerous events worldwide. UFC has been established in November 1993 and has seven weight-divisions with unified rules of mixed martial arts. Dana white has been elected as the president.
UFC has its roots in the ancient Olympic combat of Pankration in 648 BC. The first UFC competition was held in Denver, Colorado in the year 1993. With the help of media it has gained it significance. By 2011 as many as more than 130 countries in different languages gained paid access to the UFC programming. The headquarters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is located in Nevada, United States.
The first ever ultimate fighting championship title has been given to Royce Gracie whose submission skills proved fruitful. The championship in the early days was followed by many enthusiasts. It has reputation as an extremely violent event in sports sector. Even warnings were issued to the audiences regarding the violent nature. The championships were numbered serially as UFC 1 and UFC 2 so on.
Ultimate fighting has gained importance worldwide. It is sometimes felt as the future of the mixed martial arts. UFC fighting allows you to get the gist of different styles of fighting. In this championship you get to see all types of combat from boxing to grapplers and the one who stands the best fighter in the whole world.
With the UFC network one can learn many forms of fighting and make their opponents to submit in a combat. These fights involve pure violence that is felt as adrenaline at its peak. It makes the men to fight by shin kicks, leg kicks, can throw knees and elbows, and make the opponent to submit with submission holds.
With the UFC network the combat has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. It is seen that the UFC fights make more than forty million dollars on pay per view. In the business circuit more and more sponsors are coming forward to invest in this money minting industry. It is just the beginning of the fighting form and it would become unbelievable in future when teenagers get to learn the fighting styles and combat to victory.
Finally, the popularity of the ultimate fighting championship resulted in many training centres worldwide. The old centres try to include the techniques of martial arts. These arts are being practiced by people of all ages. Thus, UFC has gained popularity leading to huge business worldwide due to its different fighting techniques.

UFC- a dream of fighters

In ancient times, martial art was famous as Japanese form of self defence. Wide ranges of fighting techniques are used in this game. With the display of the art form in movies gained much craving worldwide. In this modern era, there were revolutionary changes in the style of fighting. Many fighters learned many forms of fighting techniques instead of sticking to one form. This movement paved way to the American and Japanese mixed martial arts.
MMA competitions were held in America in the year 1993 for the first time. Dana white serves as the president of UFC. This Ultimate fighting championship became popular with the inclusion of network. The champion ships are aired and people had to pay per view. The international exposure and publicity made this championship most wanted by the public. Royce Gracie a jiu-jitsu fighter has become the first ever winner of the UFC.
The UFC contestants used a range of fighting forms to make the opponent submit to him. These fighting styles were very furious to be watched and were a resemblance of adrenaline rush. This was the reason due to which there was a panel set to decide the rules regarding the fighting styles in Ultimate Fighting Championship. In April 2000, the California state athletic association has framed some rules for the fights in this championship.
Unanimous voting has come in favour of the rules that paved way for the formation of unified rules of MMA. The health of the fighters was the main concern for which the rules were laid. These championships were to be recognized as legitimate sports. The championships have been divided into 5 weight classes. The heavy weight, light heavy weight, middle weight, welter weight, and light weight or feather weight categories.
The UFC was drawing many viewers. It has become a million dollar industry. As a result of this, there was an increase in the number of competitors. Many mixed martial arts training centres were organized. The understanding of the combat and the result of various strategies improved the quality of the sport. Though these martial arts were carried out from generation to generation from over 700 years, they did not gain much importance or popularity. But with the emergence of the UFC the mixed martial arts gained worldwide popularity within 10 years starting from the commencement of championships in 1993.
The techniques used in mixed martial arts include two types: the striking technique which includes the knee and elbow kicks and punches, and grappling type that includes clinch holds, pinning holds, sweeps, and throws. Different fighters get trained in multiple martial arts. The most popular ways by which you can win are by technical knockout where the referee stops the fight due to unanswered strikes, Tapout with a submission hold. The training is done for more than competitive fighting. Once you enter this awesome sport it makes you become blindfolded for other sports. With the popularity of UFC the mixed martial arts became a more specific mainstream source for many people.