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Advantages of mixed martial arts gym

A gym is a place where health enthusiasts tune their body muscles to stay fit. Mixed martial arts are a legitimate sport that mixes various fighting skills. Its aim is to lead people to learn different and important skills to develop body fitness physically and mentally. There are many people interested in getting trained in martial arts than ever before.

New gym centres have come forward to provide the required skills to their customers. It makes sense to offer cardio, weightlifting and martial arts under one roof. Previously people used to visit different places to learn different skills. For this to materialize the gym requires a larger area consisting of full-size boxing ring, octagon and floor space. For this, people have to come forward and work together to develop such a gym. The gym also should provide different fighting gear, nutritional advisor, and a personal trainer to create a difference.

Mixed martial art motive is to strengthen all the parts of the body. To increase the cardio vascular health and strengthen muscles, light exercises like skipping and weight lifting can be practised. Gym training plays important role in movement of the muscles. Flexibility is also increased due to the exercises in the gym.

Martial arts can be used to develop fitness. If there are combat enthusiasts, then they can have vigorous training in this area to develop skills. If these gyms are located amidst of residential areas, then it would drag many people to the gyms. This way awareness regarding the importance of martial arts can be spread worldwide. This art was being followed by Japanese ancestors since 700 years. But with the advent of new championships like UFC and BJJ these arts have gained importance. People began to appreciate this form of combat. These skills were known to people only through Japanese movies. A fighter needs to be aware of all different fighting skills to defend him in a combat. Knowing different combat styles improve his ability to emerge as a winner.

People learn this martial art to develop mental agility, physical fitness and for the love of sport. The awareness has increased to such an extent that training camps are organised to give a gist of the martial arts to general public. Governments and private parties should come forward to work together to develop gyms which can offer this martial art to all people. Martial arts can be practiced by enthusiasts of all ages.

New generation is going to see the upcoming of martial arts gyms. Many martial arts fighters have started gyms and training centres to teach the valuable combat skills for both fighters and fitness conscious individuals. With the advent of media in publicizing the sports many people have become ardent followers of the combat pictures. Thus, it is advisable to learn these mixed martial skills as you never know if you will be in a clinch, defending a shot, sinking in a triangle or escaping the mount. Along with gym equipment training mixed martial arts also develops your overall development as a true human.



Best Essential MMA Training Gear

Best Essential MMA Training Gear

Mixed martial arts as the name indicates is the mixture or combination of various martial arts like boxing, kung-fu, karate, etc. MMA is an enthralling game that use kicks, punches and throws. Some essential gear or equipment is designed for MMA training to prevent injury and to ensure safety. The main essential gear includes gloves, mouth guard or gum shields, cup, shorts, rash guards, head guards, etc. A big bag with sufficient pockets is also needed to carry the gear.

Mouth guard is an effectual piece to be wore in MMA training and competitions. It is very much essential to shield the teeth and gums from damage and to avoid biting of the tongue. To serve this purpose mouth guards or gum shields presence is necessary. There are types of mouth guards as single and double coverage. Sturdy-plastic or gel like components are used to manufacture the mouth guards so that they can be customized to the mouth size by dipping them in hot water for a while.

Head gear which provides as a shield to head against injuries is a crucial gear in MMA training. It should be so chosen that it should have adequate protection at the same time ensuring a good vision. A head gear is basically not used in competitions, but mostly used in basic MMA training.

Cups or groin guards are one of the important pieces of the MMA training gear. Since mixed martial arts involve kicking and kneeing, there are chances of an accidental hit in the groin. Sometimes it may be serious causing a permanent damage. So to provide adequate protection to the groin, a cup or groin protector must be used, which allows flexible movement in the legs.

For the beginners under MMA training, protection of small bones in their hands is necessary. Gloves are designed for both sparring and fighting. A good glove is that which gives powerful punches with simultaneous prevention of wrist injury. Gloves which are designed for MMA training may be open fingered sparring pull-on gloves or similar to that of a boxing gloves which covers the entire hand. There are two types of gloves. One type is used for bag work, grappling training and in fighting while the other type is used for light sparring. Gloves are made with different kinds of materials in which leather is considered good. A wide range of shapes and sizes offered IN MMA gloves whilst the better one is that which will not rip or tear.

The other essential MMA training gear is shorts. The shorts are considered light and in weight and strong to withstand all types of pressures during training. The important features of the MMA training shorts are; stretchable underneath panels, side splits on the legs and waist band fastening. Shorts are available as training shorts and fight shorts. Training shorts are supposed to be used in all phases of MMA training while fighting shorts have extra grip and flexibility.

Shin guards come with high density foam padding and are used to protect the shin, ankle and foot.

Mixed martial arts involve many different forms of skills. To get trained in a martial art’s gym is a major task as it requires a pre-training ritual to be performed. When you have fixed your mind and prepared yourself to get trained at a gym you have to get inspired by watching some fighting videos.

In this training the trainees need to work with partners. It involves close contact with other opponents. Hence, it is always advised to maintain your hygiene right. Mixed martial arts participant sweat a lot as the training includes vigorous skills that burn away fat. The body stinking levels probably shoots out of the roof. You have to clip even your nails regardless of kick boxing or ground fighting. A nail clipper should be maintained in carry bag as an accessory. During rolling sessions the nails might harm your opponent. You have to take care to dry your clothes and workout gear before packing them in the bag.

Keep a watch on what you are eating and avoid full meals before training session. If at all a meal is to be taken see to that you have at least two hours difference between the meal and the practice session.

Every exercise needs a warm up before getting into the real workout. Hence, it is necessary to have a warm up to get yourself geared up psychologically and physically. Wrestling, boxing, Muay thai, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are included in mixed martial arts. The gyms should have a lot of space and boxing ring for the purpose of mixed arts training. The trainers should have experience and sound knowledge in these arts. The trainee should have explosive strength to learn the arts.

These individuals may be hired as security staff for higher cadre. The mixed martial arts have gained importance and popularity with the commencement of championships like UFC and BJJ. There is a lot of fan following all over the world. This martial art makes millions of dollars for the sponsors. People have earned dollars with the pay per view facility. The publicity and media has played important role in making these arts popular worldwide.

Government should come forward to provide gyms and training to poor people who are interested in this field. The sponsor’s support can prepare jewels out of the country. These arts are mainly learnt by some people for self defence. It is quite easy for people to learn these arts as mixed martial arts are taught at various gyms all spread all over the country. There is huge demand for mixed martial arts tutor in the gyms.

A strong personality only can achieve success in these arts. It demands self-confidence and strong body built. Maybe the mixed martial arts school or a gym, it is important that you should have exposure to a variety of people in combat. Thus, before joining a gym for mixed martial arts, keep in view to follow simple steps as above, to excel in this sport.



Mixed martial arts as the name indicates, is the combination of various martial arts and incorporating the techniques into one’s range of fighting proficiency. For this competitive sport, physical and mental stability is very much essential. There are some popular methods in mixed martial arts training. They are strength training, cardio, circuit training and sparring and practice.

Strength training can be done with or without weights. They include squats, bench presses, rope climbs, box jumps, lunges and dead lifts, etc. The main aim objective of the MMA strength training is to increase the strength of the large muscle groups to enhance the fighting performance. The strength training in MMA should be done thrice a week and should be cut back to two days per week when the date of fight is nearer. Sometimes cardio is combined with strength training for best results. It is beneficial for an MMA fighter to practice striking methods on bags and pads for cardio training. This type of cardio training is considered better when compared to aerobic activities such as running or cycling. Strength training program will vary to individuals depending on the strengths and weakness of the fighter and also the strength and weaknesses of the opponent.

An MMS fighter is needed to be strong and should be in excellent cardiovascular shape. Circuit training involves a sequence of exercises with a little rest between the each set of exercises. The exercises that are best suited for MMA circuit training are ground and pound, duck walks, wheel barrow, burpees, V sits, etc. In the ground and pound method, fighter practices by throwing number of strokes the punch bag, which is on the floor in an assured time. This is an effective method to finish off the opponent by throwing him onto the mat and delivering punches to his upper body and chest.

Hand wraps or bag mitts are advised to be used to protect the hands during this exercise. To develop leg strength balance and also to have low centre of gravity, duck walk exercises are used. The wheel barrow, along with general cardiovascular conditioning, provides strong core and powerful arm, chest and shoulder muscles. To improve arm and leg fortitude and cardiovascular fitness, traditional MMA conditioning exercises, Burpees are used. Abdominal muscles and hip flexors are vital for powerful kicks. V sits helps develop the abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Some recommend a duration of five minutes for each exercise of the circuit training.

Mixed martial arts include some techniques such as stand-up techniques namely kicking, elbowing and punching, ground work like jiu-jitsu, wrestling and judo, and clinches. In MMA training, the fighter must be ready for anything and must be trained utterly in all these areas. It is very essential to learn all these besides having the knock-out power. Sparring generally comprises of wearing protective headgear and equipment during the practice of mixed martial arts techniques. Stretching is more important before and after the training for flexibility. Wearing mouthpiece even during training will help familiarize with this equipment during the fight.