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In ancient times, martial art was famous as Japanese form of self defense. Wide ranges of fighting techniques are used in this game. With the display of the art form in movies gained many cravings worldwide. In this modern era, there were revolutionary changes in the style of fighting. Many fighters learned many forms of fighting techniques instead of sticking to one form. This movement paved way to the American and Japanese mixed martial arts.

MMA competitions were held in America in the year 1993 for the first time. Dana white serves as the president of UFC. This Ultimate fighting championship became popular with the inclusion of network. The championships are aired and people had to pay per view. The international exposure and publicity made this championship most wanted by the public. Royce Gracie a jiu-jitsu fighter has become the first ever winner of the UFC.

The UFC contestants used a range of fighting forms to make the opponent submit to him. These fighting styles were very furious to be watched and were a resemblance of adrenaline rush. This was the reason due to which there was a panel set to decide the rules regarding the fighting styles in Ultimate Fighting Championship. In April 2000, the California state athletic association has framed some rules for the fights in this championship.

Unanimous voting has come in favour of the rules that paved way for the formation of unified rules of MMA. The health of the fighters was the main concern for which the rules were laid. These championships were to be recognized as legitimate sports. The championships have been divided into 5 weight classes. The heavy weight, light heavy weight, middle weight, welter weight, and light weight or feather weight categories.

The UFC was drawing many viewers. It has become a million dollar industry. As a result of this, there was an increase in the number of competitors. Many mixed martial arts training centres were organized. The understanding of the combat and the result of various strategies improved the quality of the sport. Though these martial arts were carried out from generation to generation from over 700 years, they did not gain much importance or popularity. But with the emergence of the UFC the mixed martial arts gained worldwide popularity within 10 years starting from the commencement of championships in 1993.

The techniques used in mixed martial arts include two types: the striking technique which includes the knee and elbow kicks and punches, and grappling type that includes clinch holds, pinning holds, sweeps, and throws. Different fighters get trained in multiple martial arts. The most popular ways by which you can win are by technical knockout where the referee stops the fight due to unanswered strikes, Tapout with a submission hold. The training is done for more than competitive fighting. Once you enter this awesome sport it makes you become blindfolded for other sports. With the popularity of UFC the mixed martial arts became a more specific mainstream source for many people.

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