The Emergence of Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combination of different fighting techniques. For competition purpose traditional and non-traditional styles are amalgamated for the emergence of a new and winning strategy. Previously this art was practiced for self defence and health point of view. But in the modern era, with the beginning of Ultimate fighting championship many enthusiasts came forward to participate in learning these competitions.

UFC stands for ultimate fighting championship. It is an American mixed martial art (MMA) promotion company. It is the world’s largest company that hosts top rank-fighters. It takes the responsibility of hosting numerous events worldwide. UFC has been established in November 1993 and has seven weight-divisions with unified rules of mixed martial arts. Dana White has been elected as the president.

UFC has its roots in the ancient Olympic combat of Pankration in 648 BC. The first UFC competition was held in Denver, Colorado in the year 1993. With the help of media it has gained it significance. By 2011 as many as more than 130 countries in different languages gained paid access to the UFC programming. The headquarters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is located in Nevada, United States.

The first ever ultimate fighting championship title has been given to Royce Gracie whose submission skills proved fruitful. The championship in the early days was followed by many enthusiasts. It has reputation as an extremely violent event in sports sector. Even warnings were issued to the audiences regarding the violent nature. The championships were numbered serially as UFC 1 and UFC 2 so on.

Ultimate fighting has gained importance worldwide. It is sometimes felt as the future of the mixed martial arts. UFC fighting allows you to get the gist of different styles of fighting. In this championship you get to see all types of combat from boxing to grapplers and the one who stands the best fighter in the whole world.

With the UFC network one can learn many forms of fighting and make their opponents to submit in a combat. These fights involve pure violence that is felt as adrenaline at its peak. It makes the men to fight by shin kicks, leg kicks, can throw knees and elbows, and make the opponent to submit with submission holds.

With the UFC network the combat has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. It is seen that the UFC fights make more than forty million dollars on pay per view. In the business circuit more and more sponsors are coming forward to invest in this money minting industry. It is just the beginning of the fighting form and it would become unbelievable in future when teenagers get to learn the fighting styles and combat to victory.

Finally, the popularity of the ultimate fighting championship resulted in many training centres worldwide. The old centres try to include the techniques of martial arts. These arts are being practiced by people of all ages. Thus, UFC has gained popularity leading to huge business worldwide due to its different fighting techniques.

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