A Calling to All Jiu Jitsu Fighters - How to Keep Motivated

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For many who have been doing this for quite some time, it can be hard to get up in the morning to train. It is likely that every single person in the world knows the feeling of getting up and not looking forward to doing a certain task – especially if it is physical. We are all human and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters are no exception to that rule. We all have those days and sometimes our laziness takes over and skipping a class or two just seems to be a great idea.

A great deal of BJJ practitioners are very self-driven and competitive people. Having a competitive personality certainly helps you get through the day and helps you look forward to the next match. Though, this nature sometimes is just not a enough. If you have fought against an opponent, you can quickly start to realize when your opponent is giving up – like he doesn’t want to be there any more. With players like these, you can notice how quickly it is to bring him into a submission that causes him to tap out. These sort of people do not help you grow or improve your skill, so how can you prevent being that guy?

There are several factors to consider: defeat and fatigue.

It is surprising how many BJJ schools do not touch on this topic. It can be quite frustrating when you get beaten by a bigger or better player and, if this happens often, some might start to doubt their abilities. They might even go so far as to say they aren’t good enough. Being a competitive Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighter is a good thing, but it seems that this is a major flaw in people who are almost too competitive. Though, people who aren’t competitive enough seem to share the same trait. Key thing is, don’t get frustrated when you get defeated, get smart. Frustration really isn’t going to take you anywhere, in fact, it will make you sloppy at your grappling technique. If you keep a cool head and are able to analyse your opponent’s tactics, you can quickly find key weakness and counter them. Channel that frustration into something that gets results and you’ll quickly find that when people defeat you, it is a motivation in itself to get them by surprise.

Fatigue is a great anti-motivator when BJJ training. This usually means you are simply out of shape. Being out of shape should not be a reason to stop practising, but a motivation to continue. You don’t need to be fat in order to be out of shape either. Try cardio to help improve your endurance. If you are fit, but seem to get exhausted quite easily, then this might be a simple breathing issue. Do you notice yourself holding your breath while preforming a grappling technique? Pay attention to this as you might want to work on proper breathing during training.

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