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Best Essential MMA Training Gear

Mixed martial arts as the name indicates is the mixture or combination of various martial arts like boxing, kung-fu, karate, etc. MMA is an enthralling game that use kicks, punches and throws. Some essential gear or equipment is designed for MMA training to prevent injury and to ensure safety. The main essential gear includes gloves, mouth guard or gum shields, cup, shorts, rash guards, head guards, etc. A big bag with sufficient pockets is also needed to carry the gear.

Mouth guard is an effectual piece to be wore in MMA training and competitions. It is very much essential to shield the teeth and gums from damage and to avoid biting of the tongue. To serve this purpose mouth guards or gum shields presence is necessary. There are types of mouth guards as single and double coverage. Sturdy-plastic or gel like components are used to manufacture the mouth guards so that they can be customized to the mouth size by dipping them in hot water for a while.

Head gear which provides as a shield to head against injuries is a crucial gear in MMA training. It should be so chosen that it should have adequate protection at the same time ensuring a good vision. A head gear is basically not used in competitions, but mostly used in basic MMA training.

Cups or groin guards are one of the important pieces of the MMA training gear. Since mixed martial arts involve kicking and kneeing, there are chances of an accidental hit in the groin. Sometimes it may be serious causing a permanent damage. So to provide adequate protection to the groin, a cup or groin protector must be used, which allows flexible movement in the legs.

For the beginners under MMA training, protection of small bones in their hands is necessary. Gloves are designed for both sparring and fighting. A good glove is that which gives powerful punches with simultaneous prevention of wrist injury. Gloves which are designed for MMA training may be open fingered sparring pull-on gloves or similar to that of a boxing gloves which covers the entire hand. There are two types of gloves. One type is used for bag work, grappling training and in fighting while the other type is used for light sparring. Gloves are made with different kinds of materials in which leather is considered good. A wide range of shapes and sizes offered IN MMA gloves whilst the better one is that which will not rip or tear.

The other essential MMA training gear is shorts. The shorts are considered light and in weight and strong to withstand all types of pressures during training. The important features of the MMA training shorts are; stretchable underneath panels, side splits on the legs and waist band fastening. Shorts are available as training shorts and fight shorts. Training shorts are supposed to be used in all phases of MMA training while fighting shorts have extra grip and flexibility.

Shin guards come with high density foam padding and are used to protect the shin, ankle and foot.

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