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Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) has become very popular over the years due to the huge amount of publicity it has received through the Ultimate Fighting Championships. BJJ has a strong focus with grappling and ground fighting. These methods use the body’s natural ability to achieve proper dominant control and a better striking position for submission holds.

There are BJJ schools that help teach self defence, sport grappling with a gi or without one, and for MMA competition. It all depends on the reasons why you are training and what sort of goals you want to accomplish. When you are BJJ training, it does not matter what size the opponent is. This form of martial arts is an extremely effective way of taking down bigger, heavier, and stronger fighters. BJJ is so effective that it is found worldwide in nearly every martial arts school. In recent years, many police officers, security guards, bouncers, and other people in this profession have placed a lot of importance on learning grappling and ground techniques. Through their BJJ training, they are successfully able to defeat an opponent during hand-to-hand combat.

The gi is an important part of the fighter’s uniform. It has tight cuffs around the pants and arms to help with a tighter fit. This ensures that the opponent has a harder time using the fighter’s gi as a weapon. The requirement of wearing a gi during competition can sometimes vary. In order to be promoted to a different coloured belt, you must wear a gi during training. However, there is growing popularity to the ‘no gi’ rule and practitioners can be promoted when under it. The prefect example of this is when Rolles Gracie (a member of the Gracie family, his family founded Gracie Jiu Jitsu), awarded Rashad Evans a black belt without the presence of a gi.

The Icon Jiu Jitsu Team is currently the only BJJ Black Belt school in Norwich, Norfolk. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and be inspired by the hard working BJJ fighters. We are currently running a 30 free day trial for those who are interested in learning BJJ. We are so confident that you will like our gym, we are offering 30 days free and there is absolutely no catch. You are not required to sign or buy anything from us in order to get this deal. You will get a free private lesson, a free uniform, and a free video to help teach you the 5 basic BJJ techniques.

We are very passionate about BJJ and we simply want you to see why. We have highly trained instructors who have been in this line of work for a long time now. These are guys that know what they are doing. We guarantee that you’re not going to get a rookie to teach you. It is a great deal for anyone who wants to take up self-defence, be fit, or become an champion. Meet our friendly and welcoming instructors and help get yourself back in shape again.

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