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When rolling and using important grappling techniques in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, it important to have a good partner that can keep up. Partners can be a big damper on your BJJ training as it simply might be their lack of skill or knowledge that is holding you back. The worst thing is you simply can’t train by yourself, so any chance of progress can be difficult. If you know what makes a good partner, you can diplomatically help your fighting friend improve and, in turn, help yourself advance too. This is probably the best approach for both parties involved. You don’t want to be stuck with a useless rag and he doesn’t want to be a bad fighter.

It is amazing how many BJJ schools in Norwich, Norfolk just sort of throw inexperienced players into the mix and expect that they will learn it all in one go. Be sure to talk to the new guy whenever you are training with him. New guys are probably one of the most dangerous to train with as they can get scared and instinctively react to your techniques. There is nothing worse than getting a broken rib from a rookie and having to take a couple of weeks off because of it. Talk with him, ask him about any injuries and make him feel comfortable. Talk him through some moves and explain to him what you are trying to do. This is probably the best way to help ease the nerves on the new guy. Overall communication is a great feature in sparing partners.

Good partners take things easy and are not too tense. When you are calm and relaxed you are less likely to get an injury and are more likely to preform a couple of highly effective moves. New or professional, we all get tensed up sometimes and when you notice your partner doing this, you’ll find that it is a slightly strenuous match. Players often don’t notice things like this, so it is important that you let your partner know when he is tightening up.

Good partners listen to other partners. This can be quite a challenging task, especially when you are trying to tell your partner what he is doing wrong. Try and do this in an open matter, explain where you are coming from and the reasons behind it. Simply barking orders at him will get you on his bad side and the least you want to do is be a know-it-all prick. If your partner wants to roll a little lighter that day, be open minded about it and vice versa.

Key point to training with an amazing partner in Gracie Jiu Jitsu is that they’d adapt to your skill level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a black belt, brown, white, or whatever. A more experienced player should simply not go out and kill the poor fellow. With any BJJ move, it is essential to help your partner figure out ways to get out of your submission hold and help him learn to play on an even playing field.

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