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Training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at our BJJ Norwich gym is about an orchestrated effort between all the muscles of the body, used as one continuous unit. Therefore, our training always revolves around using all the muscles simultaneously – never isolating any particular muscle groups. When it comes to strength and weight training, this can lead to some issues.

You see, most of the common workouts – dumbbell curls, benchpress, and all the overpriced weight machines you find in gyms – isolate individual muscle groups for each rep. This can give you bulk, sure, but it trains you to use one muscle group for an individual movement. This will absolutely kill you when grappling at our BJJ Norwich gym.

Mant of our members here at Icon BJJ Norwich have had great success with kettlebell training, some use this just for weight loss or muscle building. Other create a full blown routine to help with competition. It’s a very versatile tool.

BJJ Norwich uses the entire body as a tensed coil; all the power of every move comes from the entire body, at least that’s the Gracie Jiu Jitsu method, so when you’re weight training you need exercises that will train your body to use all your muscles. That’s where the kettlebell comes in.

Here are two easy kettlebell training workouts that you can use to maximize your explosive power in the ring.

The Attack:

This exercise teaches your body how to get off the ground in one explosive move – essential for a grappling match against a tough opponent. The Attack will not only help your moves in a match, it will get you into great shape and boost your endurance.

You need two 53lb kettlebells, but you can also substitute two 50lb dumbbells as long as they don’t roll.

Place the kettlebells on the ground at shoulder width and place your body into the classic pushup position (hands on the kettlebells) with your arms straight. Do one pushup, and at the top of the rep throw your feet forward and land in the beginning position for the clean.

Do a full clean with both kettlebells, and at the bottom again hop your feet backwards to end in the pushup position once again. That’s one rep.

Try to do three full sets of five reps, three times a week. Once you get used to the move, add a rep to each set until you reach ten reps per set. Eventually, work your way up to doing 25 straight reps at one time with a 53lb kettlebell. You’ll start to notice your stamina in a match improving almost immediately, and your explosive power will be unmatched.

There are many great exercises using the kettle bell, here at Icon BJJ Norwich, we often focus on a circuit of exercises, one of these is.

The Duckwalk:

A lot of MMA and BJJ Norwich fighters use the duckwalk already, but by adding weight you add more resistance to the move, which will give you a huge advantage once you take it to a match. Here’s how you do it.

Take a kettlebell in your right hand and then clean it; your elbow shouldn’t be below your waist. Step forward with your right foot and drop your left knee to the ground. Then, let your right knee drop and slide your left leg forward, bringing the knee up. Do the same thing again to bring the right knee up one more time.

When you’re doing this, concentrate on driving your knee forward, as if there was an opponent directly in front of you.

Some of our students, enjoy a session before the class of BJJ and some will work on kettle bell after a session. Whatever you feel works best is good. Icon BJJ Norwich have found benefits to both. So don’t worry if one seems to fit you more than the other.

We teach a lot of different techniques for BJJ Norwich training at our school in Norwich, Norfolk. Every class is different. Drop by sometime to see what you can gain from training with the Icon Jiu Jitsu team.

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Setting a routine for a work out

Many times, the intentions to start a routine are good, but when the time arrives, many people will put this off for one reason or another.

Don’t get caught in this trap. At Icon BJJ Norwich, we tell our members to use a Kettle bell at least 3 time a week. And to put the training in your diary or google calendar. So you won’t forget it’s time to step up. Our members at Icon BJJ Norwich also have a training routine log, created by us, so if they’ve decided they will be adding this routine. They then have to show the coach at Icon BJJ Norwich that they’ve really completed their tasks.

A routine at BJJ Norwich

Norwich Kettle bell classes.

One of the great strengths here at Icon BJJ Norwich, is that we have a dedicated Kettlebell class, tailor made for BJJ. So, we’ve already done all the hard work, so our members can simple turn up to the class and follow along, rather have have to work out their own routine or have set times for themselves.


We’ve done all the hard work here at Icon BJJ Norwich.

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