BJJ Norwich, How Often Should I train when I start?

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BJJ Norwich, How Often Should I train When I Start?

How often should I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I start?


When you start training Icon BJJ Norwich, one thing you may be unsure of is how many times to train BJJ when you start?


The answer will vary, as not everyone is able to attend as many BJJ Norwich classes as they’d like to. Depending on work schedules, family commitments etc.


But one thing is for sure, it’s better to train once a week than never. Although not ideal, one time a week in BJJ will give you 100% more knowledge and skill than never turning up. This is often a question I get asked, “is it worth coming if I can only attend 1 BJJ Norwich class a week?”


The answer of course, is a big fat, YES! If you did just once a week for a year, that’s 52 hours of BJJ training. Compare that to saying, “it’s not worth doing 1 time a week”.


On the other end of the scale, many people will want to do 5 or even 6 times a week when they start. This is a mistake.


But surely, more training is better?


It’s easy to over do the training, imagine if you’ve never trained with us at Icon BJJ Norwich, or had a long break from any type of training. Then, suddenly, you’re putting your body through a 6 day a week routine? Your body is going to complain and it’s very easy to burn yourself out. By day three, you’ll be feeling sore and start to consider having a day’s rest! While a rest is good. It’s never good to interrupt the training regime. It’s starts you off believing it’s okay to skip a session when you feel tired.


This will start you off on a bad path for starting BJJ here at Icon BJJ Norwich. You want to begin your journey with a confident approach, not one where you feel it’s ok to skip sessions you should be attending.


So, what is the best amount of training to aim for when starting BJJ Norwich at Icon?


I believe 3 classes a week is optimum, but 2 a week is good.


Let’s talk about 2 a week:-


1 Your body has just started something new in BJJ and 2 times a week will be just enough for your body to start adapting to your new schedule. Time to recover, time to relax.


2 Learning, it’s easy to overload your mind with the techniques from BJJ Norwich. 2 times a week is a great way to take in the knowledge, let the mind rest and then go over the information again. Along with our online curriculum here at Icon BJJ Norwich, this is almost too perfect for learning BJJ. And you will see a very fast learning curve if you take this approach.

3 Two times a week is easy to maintain. You should be able to fit this around your other commitments, like family time, work etc.


4 Set yourself up to succeed, not to fail. Committing to 6 days a week is a chore when starting from nothing, but can be built up to, slowly. It’s never a good idea to say it’s ok to not go to a session you’ve agreed to train in.
So, if you feel, after the two BJJ norwich sessions, you’re able to do more, then this is a good time to do an extra session. Rather than the other way round of saying you’ll do 3 then have to cancel a session. It’s always better to set yourself up for extra, rather than set yourself up to

bjj beginner

The other problem many people who start out at BJJ Norwich with Icon have, is that they often feel the need to do other training, such as running, swimming or weight lifting. The problem is, that starting everything in one go can quickly burn you out. There’s a great saying I use:-

“You Can’t have the Whole pie!”


bjj norwich pie

The time you spend running, is time you can’t spent doing weights. The time you spend doing weights, is time you can’t spend running. Time on either of these, is time you can’t spend at Icon BJJ Norwich. Each of these individual training sessions can not overlap and each will take a toll on your body. Decide which is best for you, which is more important.

Set a plan and stick with the plan. Set times and days for your training, have a day where you could do an extra session if your body let’s you. But ok, if it can’t. Don’t take away a session that is part of a plan. Stick with the curriculum, stick with the advice of the coach.

Always set yourself up to do more. not stop because you took on too much.

Once your body can take it. You can add new sessions and new BJJ routines to your plan. It’s always better to add rather than take away.

Good luck

Steve Cowan


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