BJJ Norwich Question, Do I Need To Get Fit Before Starting MMA Or BJJ

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BJJ Norwich Question = Do I Need To Get Fit Before joining?

One of the biggest question we get asked here at Icon BJJ Norwich is, should I get fit before starting BJJ at Icon Norwich?

The answer is, NO!!!!

Joining our BJJ Norwich classes are not just for learning martial arts, BJJ or MMA. But for getting you in shape. And what better way to get in shape for bjj norwich classes than doing BJJ. Our beginner programme has drills that will work every muscle of your body, aswell as working a high level of fitness and endurance, specific for BJJ Norwich and MMA.

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Often, thinking you need to get to a certain level of fitness before starting fitness type training is a nonstop excuse to “DO IT TOMORROW”!

When training BJJ norwich, your fitness will grow as your skill set grows and the more you do the more you’ll get from it. Like rolling a snowball down the hill.

So when is the best time to start BJJ Norwich??

The simple answer is TODAY! Don’t let negative thoughts put you off starting something that will benefit you for the rest of your life. YES! Starting something new like BJJ Norwich is scary, the same as when you went for that job interview for the first time or, when you asked your partner out on a date. These things scare us, but the rewards are greater than the fear. It’s the same with BJJ Norwich. Yes, it’s new and scary, but so worth the journey.

Many people join a martial art gym such as Icon BJJ Norwich to get in shape, as they find the gym boring. Running on the treadmill brings visions of isolated regimes and dull training sessions. With Icon BJJ Norwich working out is fun, as it’s in a group environment, where most people are there for the same reason as you. And, most people in the gym are not is an amazing shape. Entering a BJJ Gym gives images of ripped athletes is perfect shape and condition. This is not the case. In our beginner classes, most people join to get in shape and work their way up. If moving to the advanced class, you’ll find people in good to great condition, but that’s only because they have been where you are now and started in the beginner BJJ Norwich classes to get in shape.

You have to take steps to reach goals. Another benefit of Icon is the beginner 12 month plan. Where you’ll have preset goals to achieve, so all the hard work has been done for you already.

Whatever your thoughts, whatever the reasons you can come up with to delaying starting at Icon BJJ Norwich, I can guarantee. THAT STARTING TODAY will outweigh them.

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